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Jez’s Lucky Day

“This impressive book should be in every primary school”

Such is the impression the children’s fire safety book ‘Jez’s Lucky Day’ made on award-winning author and educator Tamsin Winter.

Written by Michelle Oddy and Kate Strudwick, and illustrated by Jason Hodges, this story of a boy from the South Wales Valleys, his paper dragon and the school hamster has been enchanting children of all backgrounds and nationalities across the globe since 1998. Searching for the hamster on every page this big book draws children into the everyday life of Jez, and how playing with fire can have disastrous, unintended outcomes.

A firm favourite with children, fire services, teachers and families alike, this popular book is now in its second edition and is distributed exclusively by fabtic.

Priced at £18 including P&P in Wales, England and Scotland, contact us to order your copies.

Children and Teenagers Who Set Fires:

Why they do it and how to help

“Joanna Foster has done a wonderful job of producing a highly accessible text that introduces the reader to best practice in fire safety work with children and young people. This book is highly engaging to read and should be essential reading.”

Professor Theresa A. Gannon, Director of CORE-FP, University of Kent

fabtic’s Managing Director Joanna Foster was approached by the founder of Jessica Kingsley Publisher’s to write a book for parents, carers and practitioners on the subject of child firesetting.

With the publishing house and Joanna acutely aware that much of the writing in this field is aimed at academics and clinicians, they were determined to produce a book that could be accessible and useful for all who care for children who set fires

With chapters that explore the different reasons why children set fires, an array of resources to use with toddlers through to older teenagers, and case studies drawn from nearly two decades of frontline work this book provides “practical tools, confidence and inspiration.  The exercises are brilliant in their simplicity and are transferable to a variety of other disciplines” (Roz Morrison, senior lecturer and former assistant chief probation officer).

Handbook of Behavioral Criminology

This multi-disciplinary volume published by Springer in 2017 applies a criminological lens to a range of different behaviours, and includes a chapter on child and adolescent firesetting.

Providing the first written collaboration between Professor David Kolko and fabtic’s Managing Director Joanna Foster, the chapter explores the characteristics of children who set fires, family influences upon the behaviour such as limited supervision, the role of assessments, and examples of the different interventions available.

A free preview of the first few pages of the chapter can be found here


"I have known Joanna since 2004 and have been greatly impressed with her leadership and energy both as a manager and a practitioner when working directly with children. Joanna has an intuitive understanding of the complex issues that often underlie firesetting by children and has complemented this insight with extensive reading of the research into the subject. Over the years I have been pleased to advise in some of her more difficult cases and I am confident that Joanna’s focus on evidence-based practice will serve her well with fabtic. Joanna’s focus on the person at the centre of each case means that she will always provide a service which is sensitive to the needs of the child."

David J. Kolko, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Paediatrics and Clinical and Translational Science, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

"As a company we have had the privilege of working with Joanna for over eight years and her knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding of firesetting behaviour is of an extraordinary high standard. Joanna has sought to develop approaches in practice and training which are inspired by theory and reflect effective and evidence based approaches. This I feel sets her apart from many who work in this complex field. I am delighted to be able to welcome the launch of fabtic. I am happy to endorse Joanna for the on-going commitment she has shown in direct engagement with those who set fires and with those who directly engage with firesetting behaviours."

Robin Morris-Jones, Director Cognitive Centre Foundation