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fabtic is committed to delivering high quality training courses that meet your needs.

fabtic offers pre-designed courses that can be tailored to your exact requirements, or can deliver bespoke packages to meet your particular needs. Provided face-to-face, online or as pre-recorded webinars for your staff to access when most convenient, please contact us to discuss the training content and mode of delivery that best suit your needs.

fabtic is experienced in delivering training to personnel from Fire and Rescue Services, NHS, CAMHS, YOT, HMPPS, social care, the police, forensic psychology, academia, education, secure units and play therapy. fabtic understands the practical skills and knowledge needed by staff working in challenging and emotionally difficult roles.

fabtic’s most popular course is its foundation training for staff working with children and teenagers who set fires.  The five-day course is the only CPD-accredited training of its type in the UK.  fabtic also offers the below training topics, which can be delivered individually or as a suite of packages to meet your staff needs and budget.  Each subject can be tailored as a one-hour lecture, half-day seminar or full training day to match your specific requirements.

1. Addressing Firesetting
  • Children and teenagers who set fires – why they do it and how to help
  • Exploring best practice and “what works” in juvenile firesetting interventions
  • Exploring juvenile firesetting through the safeguarding lens
  • Firesetting as a safeguarding and child protection concern
  • Foundation training for staff working with children and teenagers who set fires
  • “Juvenile firesetters” – arsonists, delinquents or else misunderstood?
  • Juvenile firesetting – what the research tells us
  • Learning from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and child deaths from fire
  • The role of the fire service in addressing juvenile firesetting behaviour
  • Understanding the motives for grass fires set by children and teenagers
  • What adult firesetting research can teach us about children and teenagers who set fires
2. Working with Children, Teenagers and Families
  • Desistance and behaviour change
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills for practitioners working with adolescents
  • ‘Hard to reach’ families or easy to ignore? Changing our lens in family work
  • Holding sensitive conversations
  • How children develop
  • Is the internet re-wiring our children’s brains?
  • ‘Kids today’ – an exploration of attitudes to children and teenagers
  • Not quite a child but not yet an adult – teenagers and the teenage brain
  • Play and the creative arts in direct work with children and teenagers
  • Pro-Social Modelling when working with children and families
  • Risk, resilience and protective factors for children and families
  • Understanding “good enough” parenting
3. Working with Trauma
  • Becoming a trauma-informed organisation
  • Parental imprisonment and its impact on children
  • Protecting the protectors in emotionally demanding work
  • Relational trauma and the impact of parental abuse on children
  • Trauma-informed practice on the frontline
  • Understanding vicarious trauma and its impact on frontline staff
4. Skills-Based Courses
  • Defensible decision-making in risk-critical work
  • Effective communication
  • Information sharing and record-keeping
  • Keeping safe at work
  • Maintaining boundaries when working with children and families
  • Policy writing
  • Report writing
4. Understanding…
  • ADHD
  • Anger and aggression
  • Autism and ASD
  • Attachment disorder and attachment difficulties
  • Childhood trauma
  • Child mental health and wellbeing
  • Consent and confidentiality
  • Grief and loss
  • Juvenile firesetting
  • Offending behaviour
  • Resistance and refusal
  • Supervision
  • ‘What works’ in behaviour change
Training Recaps

Training recaps are available for staff that have already attended fabtic’s foundation firesetting training.  The recaps enable practitioners to refresh and update their skills, allowing for continuing professional development.

To discuss your training needs or book a course, please Contact Us for further details

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"I have known Joanna since 2004 and have been greatly impressed with her leadership and energy both as a manager and a practitioner when working directly with children. Joanna has an intuitive understanding of the complex issues that often underlie firesetting by children and has complemented this insight with extensive reading of the research into the subject. Over the years I have been pleased to advise in some of her more difficult cases and I am confident that Joanna’s focus on evidence-based practice will serve her well with fabtic. Joanna’s focus on the person at the centre of each case means that she will always provide a service which is sensitive to the needs of the child."

David J. Kolko, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Paediatrics and Clinical and Translational Science, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

"As a company we have had the privilege of working with Joanna for over eight years and her knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding of firesetting behaviour is of an extraordinary high standard. Joanna has sought to develop approaches in practice and training which are inspired by theory and reflect effective and evidence based approaches. This I feel sets her apart from many who work in this complex field. I am delighted to be able to welcome the launch of fabtic. I am happy to endorse Joanna for the on-going commitment she has shown in direct engagement with those who set fires and with those who directly engage with firesetting behaviours."

Robin Morris-Jones, Director Cognitive Centre Foundation