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Supervision is well-documented as helping mitigate the risk of vicarious trauma – the emotional residue of exposure that practitioners have from working with people in pain, fear and possible terror.

Supervision should be an ongoing source of positive support that allows for debriefing, and provides a non-judgemental, safe space that is supportive of self-care.

All fabtic’s supervision services are provided by Managing Director Joanna Foster. By working with Joanna, staff receive supervision from a highly experienced, professional and empathic supervisor who is trained in working with adults with mental ill health and who has specialised in working with children, teenagers and families for over 18 years. Joanna still works directly with clients, and this first-hand knowledge and frontline insight provides staff with a safe space for reflection that can help maintain the quality of their work, further develop practice and help practitioners feel supported and understood in their roles.

Joanna currently provides supervision services to a range of staff and managers who have responsibility for providing frontline services to the public, be they children, teenagers, families and older vulnerable adults. Delivering sessions individually or in small group sessions, supervision is provided face-to-face, online or via telephone.

To find out more about the supervision services provided by fabtic, contact us or call 020 7249 0652.

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"Over the five years I worked with her Joanna managed every case with a high level of commitment and expertise, supporting children in the most difficult of home settings. Joanna combines experience and innovation with a patient and caring manner even under the most challenging circumstances. I would feel confident in recommending her services to any of my clients."

Stuart McMillan, Managing Director RM & Associates Ltd and London Fire Brigade Divisional Officer (retired)

"Joanna is one of the most inspirational trainers and programme managers I have worked with in over 30 years of training design and delivery. Her development of the Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Scheme for the London Fire Brigade was a model of how to bring about change in the behaviour of children and young people."

David Lewis, Youth Programmes Advisor, Bryn Stowe Associates and Training Design Specialist (retired), National Police Training Centre