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fabtic is proud to place the child at the centre of all its work.

fabtic Managing Director Joanna Foster is experienced in working with adults with mental health problems and children with firesetting behaviour. Joanna understands the often complex needs of children and families struggling to cope with the pressures of the modern world, including poverty, mental ill health and social exclusion.

Joanna is sensitive, kind and trustworthy in all her dealings with children and families, working to the strictest ethical and privacy codes. All fabtic services are confidential, sharing information with others only when needing to protect the safety of a child or others who may be at risk of harm.

If you are a parent concerned that your child is setting fires, fabtic can work with you and your child to address the behaviour and help ensure your family are safe from the dangers of fire.

As a professional agency, you can commission fabtic to work directly with children up to the age of 18 years to address their firesetting behaviour. In addition to her academic qualifications, Joanna has received extensive training in delivering effective firesetting interventions work, child protection and safeguarding, mental ill health, trauma informed care and direct work. This alongside her eighteen years’ experience of working with children with firesetting behaviour in a multi-disciplinary setting equips her to accept referrals from professional organisations including fire services, social care, mental health, schools and youth justice.

Understanding the importance of developing a therapeutic relationship, Joanna works directly with children and teenagers to deliver fire safety education in an age-appropriate, needs-focused way.

Whether you are a parent or a professional, Joanna will work with you to address the firesetting behaviour. Joanna will ensure you are kept informed of her work and progress throughout, and that you receive the highest quality care – delivered with integrity and honesty – at all times.

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To request a free DVD of the BBC documentary The Kids That Play With Fire, featuring Joanna’s work with children with firesetting behaviour, please email

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"I have known Joanna since 2004 and have been greatly impressed with her leadership and energy both as a manager and a practitioner when working directly with children. Joanna has an intuitive understanding of the complex issues that often underlie firesetting by children and has complemented this insight with extensive reading of the research into the subject. Over the years I have been pleased to advise in some of her more difficult cases and I am confident that Joanna’s focus on evidence-based practice will serve her well with fabtic. Joanna’s focus on the person at the centre of each case means that she will always provide a service which is sensitive to the needs of the child."

David J. Kolko, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Paediatrics and Clinical and Translational Science, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

"As a company we have had the privilege of working with Joanna for over eight years and her knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding of firesetting behaviour is of an extraordinary high standard. Joanna has sought to develop approaches in practice and training which are inspired by theory and reflect effective and evidence based approaches. This I feel sets her apart from many who work in this complex field. I am delighted to be able to welcome the launch of fabtic. I am happy to endorse Joanna for the on-going commitment she has shown in direct engagement with those who set fires and with those who directly engage with firesetting behaviours."

Robin Morris-Jones, Director Cognitive Centre Foundation