Latest FEwithJo post

The latest FEwithJo You Tube post features a firesetting research presentation made to the National Fire Chiefs Council on 18 March 2021.

The presentation explored the findings from the research study carried out by fabtic Managing Director Joanna Foster, as part of her Master’s in Applied Criminology, Penology and Management at the University of Cambridge.

Entitled ‘An Exploratory Study of How Practititioners in UK Fire and Rescue Services Working with Children and Young People who Set Fires Identify Clients Requiring Psychosocial Interventions’, three major themes were identified in the data – inconsistency in the firesetting provision provided to children and families; an absence of staff self-legitimacy amongst frontline practitioners, attributable largely to the absence of mangerial support, and an invisibility of the emotional labour experienced in this emotionally demanding work.

The presentation of the research findings and recommendations can be found by visiting FEwithJo