Why Choose Us?

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fabtic offers the rare opportunity to access training, consultancy and direct client work delivered by staff whose practice is grounded in empirical research, evidence-based practice and over a decade of front-line service to vulnerable children and families.

We are an independent organisation and it is this freedom that allows us to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers, developing new and creative approaches to the often complex and multi-faceted problems involved in providing effective ‘human services’ to people.

Our expertise is based on:

  • Experience at client, practitioner and management levels
  • A proven track record in training, support and advice
  • Running client services, including reviewing policies and procedures in line with statutory requirements, to ensure effective service delivery and excellent customer care
  • First-hand knowledge of safeguarding and child protection legislation
  • Working alongside leading national and international experts in the field of risk assessment
  • Clinical advice and supervision from leading international experts in the field of juvenile firesetting, including Dr. David Kolko
  • A commitment to ongoing research designed to ensure evidence-based best practice at all times

Commissioning fabtic ensures you are combining a knowledge of the very latest academic and clinical research with first-hand experience of working with some of the UK’s most at-risk and vulnerable children and families.  It is this combination of academic, theoretical and practical knowledge that makes fabtic truly unique in the service it offers professionals and families with concerns for children with firesetting behaviour.