New book is “The only resource devoted entirely to child and adolescent firesetting”

This is how Professor David Kolko, a paediatric psychiatrist and psychologist who has specialised in the field of juvenile firesetting for over 40 years, describes a new book for practitioners and parents about child-set fires.

‘Children and Teenagers Who Set Fires: Why they do it and how to help’ is available from Monday 21 October 2019.  Written by fabtic Managing Director Joanna Foster and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, the book explores what is meant by the term ‘juvenile firesetting’ and the research into ‘what works’ when addressing the behaviour. 

Significantly, three chapters are dedicated entirely to the hands-on resources and strategies the book’s author has used in sixteen years of direct practice with pre-school children through to older adolescents.  Rooted in trauma-informed care, child development and attachment theories, additional chapters include a detailed case study of a pre-adolescent girl whose firesetting is set against a context of prolonged abuse and neglect; practical ideas and suggestions on how to work with families with additional needs, and the importance of safe, managed endings in this work.

Providing “sensitive advice grounded in a caring, child-centred philosophy that will be beneficial to anyone who works with vulnerable young people” (Tamsin Winter, children’s author) the book is a “highly accessible text that introduces the reader to best practice in fire safety work with children and young people” (Professor Theresa Gannon).

The book is available for order and purchase at all good bookshops and online (including Kindle).