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fabtic Managing Director Joanna Foster understands the challenges and competing demands of delivering front-line services within public, voluntary and charitable sector settings.

With over sixteen years’ experience in the field that includes managing staff, supervising volunteers, providing supervision and working directly with vulnerable clients, Joanna is confident of the consultancy support she will provide to ensure you are delivering the most effective services possible.

Joanna’s knowledge, experience base and commitment to excellent client care will ensure she will review your current ways of working and recommend improvements in ways that benefit children and families, staff and those managing them, and help ensure you meet your duty of care to clients and your workforce.


To achieve this, fabtic’s consultancy is:

  • Grounded in practical experience, knowledge of child protection legislation and empirical research
  • Genuinely tailored to improving children’s experiences of working with professionals
  • Focused on practical answers and solutions
  • Delivered by an experienced professional who has integrity and a true commitment to excellent customer service

fabtic can:

  • Help with strategy and planning
  • Advise on safe recruitment practices
  • Review current systems, policy and procedures
  • Make recommendations based on an objective, external perspective that complements internal practices

Additional support

fabtic can advise on a wide range of client-based questions, from discussing specific problems with an individual child through to broader strategic and organisational policies and procedures for working with vulnerable families.

fabtic can also work directly with children and young people who are firesetting, working individually or alongside your staff to address the behaviour. 

To discuss your consultancy needs please Contact Us  for further details