fabtic to speak at National Firesetter Meeting

fabtic is proud to be speaking at the National Firesetter Meeting hosted by Cambridgeshire FRS on Monday 1 February 2016.

With over 40 attendees from Fire and Rescue Services from across the UK, the meeting will be discussing national firesetter policy, guidance and training. fabtic is delighted to have been invited to attend and deliver a presentation on the juvenile firesetter training it delivers. fabtic has delivered training to 39 UK Fire and Rescue Services since its launch in June 2013, along with training to staff from forensic psychology, education, mental health, the police, youth offending and social services both in the UK and the US.

Delivering training in-house to services and also at open courses held across the UK, fabtic aims to make its training as accessible as possible, aware of the concerns of some professionals that many national training events are predominantly held in south east England. fabtic training ranges from half-day workshops to five-day foundation courses, with content adapted to suit staff who are new to this specialist field or those with experience in this work.

To find out more about fabtic training, please visit the training section of this website or email info@fabtic.co.uk Information on training can also be found by following fabtic on Twitter @fabtic_ltd or by calling 020 7249 0652.