Multi-agency attendance at UK Juvenile Firesetter Conference

The national juvenile firesetter conference that took place on 17 April in Manchester brought together over 65 delegates from across Britain and Scandinavia.

Representing fire and rescue services, the fire service college, mental health, juvenile justice, adult prisons, residential children’s services, secure hospitals and units, risk management, civil contingency, the NHS, local authorities, education, training, psychology, academia, faith groups and private practice, the delegates brought a truly multi-agency dimension to the day.

The conference was led throughout by Dr David Kolko, Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Paediatrics and Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh, and recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on juvenile firesetting behaviour. Professor Kolko kept delegates enthralled with his expertise, findings and client anecdotes from nearly 40 years of clinical practice and research. In addition to his presentations on assessment and effective interventions, Professor Kolko took questions from the floor; the questions began within the first ten minutes of the conference start and continued until the close of day. From shock tactics to links between firesetting and sexual behaviour, Professor Kolko delivered every answer with authority, knowledge, sensitivity and a humour vital when working with vulnerable children and families.

Amongst the feedback received from delegates, the comments of Paul Holland, Training Director at E.G. Consultancy, are of particular testament to the merit of the conference,

‘I have worked in the field of Community Fire Safety training for over 14 years…Firesetting is, naturally, a key area of concern. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by David Kolko; particularly in the area of scope and assessment. His presentation has made me re-think my approach to almost every aspect of our work’.

In light of such success, fabtic and the Cognitive Centre look forward to welcoming Professor Kolko to his next UK firesetter conference, planned for summer 2016.

To register an early interest in the 2016 conference, please email info@fabtic.co.uk or call 020 7249 0652.