Report Writing Course Gains Top Marks

fabtic is delighted that 100% of delegates at a recent training course would recommend fabtic to others.

Similarly, 100% of delegates found the training relevant to their work, confirmed they would use the practical ideas learned and would like to attend further training by fabtic.

The report writing course was delivered to the LIFE team of the London Fire Brigade, whose staff work directly with vulnerable and at-risk teenagers.  The report writing course focused on a team where sensitive information is routinely captured, recorded and shared, and the statutory considerations that surround this responsibility.

Through the discussion of a Serious Case Review (involving the death of a child in a house fire), an exploration of defensible decision-making and consideration of what makes a good report, delegates used practical case examples to apply the theory learned throughout the day.

In addition to the high satisfaction rates recorded, additional feedback comments were:

Thank you, learnt a lot! Very clear and precise.

 A really laid back and informative training day.

 Made report writing interesting – thank you.

 Excellent training. A perceived boring subject made very interesting, engaging and interactive.

 Very relevant to LIFE and identified the practical applications of knowledge learnt.

 Excellent delivery and very informative to current role.

 Energetic, charismatic trainer.

 Very well balanced approach to what can be a difficult subject to talk about – light-hearted and serious when appropriate.

 An enjoyable and interesting day – good content and lots of information.

 Joanna is a very engaging trainer and makes asking questions easy. I would like to be trained by Joanna again as she makes it easy to engage and learn.

 Joanna made the subject very interesting and I learnt how to change the way I write reports for anyone to read. Now all I have to do is put the tips into practice. Thank you.

fabtic is proud to be working with all four of the London Fire Brigade’s youth engagement teams and if you would like to train with fabtic, please email info@fabtic.co.uk or call 020 7249 0652 for more information.