Happy Birthday fabtic

On the first anniversary of its launch, fabtic is proud to be working with firesetter staff from 20 UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRS).  The 20 FRS are:

London Fire Brigade

Cornwall FRS

Devon and Somerset FRS

Dorset FRS

Avon FRS

Wiltshire FRS

Hertfordshire FRS

South Wales FRS

Surrey FRS

East Sussex FRS

West Sussex FRS

Leicestershire FRS

Humberside FRS

Cambridgeshire FRS

Shropshire FRS

North Yorkshire FRS

Derbyshire FRS

South Yorkshire FRS

Nottinghamshire FRS

Hereford and Worcester FRS

Alongside these 20 FRS, training workshops have been delivered to the regional firesetter meetings of the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) in South West England and the East of England.

Over this first year, fabtic has also been busy on the international scene including speaking at conferences in the US and Scandinavia, and liaising with experts in the firesetter field such as Professor David Kolko, Professor Theresa Gannon and staff at the Cognitive Centre in the aim of starting a national conversation around minimum standards of referral, training, intervention and risk assessment when working with juvenile firesetters.

For more information on fabtic’s work, to attend a course or commission training specific to your team , please call (020) 7249 0652 or email info@fabtic.co.uk