Training to South West England Fire & Rescue Services

fabtic is pleased to be delivering firesetters training to managers and staff from Fire and Rescue Services across South West England.

The CFOA Firesetters Group (South Western region) is hosting a workshop development day for staff from four county fire and rescue services, all of whom work directly with children who set fires. The hundred delegates will attend a series of workshops delivered by fabtic Director Joanna Foster entitled ‘Journeys With Children Who Set Fires’.

During the workshop, Joanna will explore creative ways of allowing children to express their emotions and enable staff to empower children in their progress towards stopping setting fires. Staff attending will be given practical tools to make them more effective in their client work, using resources that are free to access and can be used by all practitioners regardless of artistic ability.

Joanna is proud to be presenting at the CFOA Firesetters Group, which brings together youth engagement managers and staff from across the South West of England to discuss best practice and policy when working with children with firesetting behaviour and features guest speakers on relevant topics.

The workshop day will be held on Monday 9 September 2013 in Weymouth, hosted by Wiltshire FRS.

If you would like fabtic to deliver training or present at a conference, seminar or team meeting you are organising, please email info@fabtic.co.uk