International Safety Education Seminar

fabtic is delighted to be presenting at the 2nd bi-annual International Safety Education Seminar in Helsinki on 5–6 June 2013.

Company Director Joanna Foster will be presenting The Case of “Josie”, a Child at Risk of Significant Harm.  The presentation explores Joanna’s direct work over a twelve-month period to directly address one child’s firesetting   behaviour. Joanna will discuss the motives behind Josie’s firesetting, the practical strategies used to address the behaviour and the importance of multi-agency working to ensure the short and long-term safety of Josie, due to the severe neglect she suffered at home.

Joanna is proud to be presenting in Scandinavia again, having presented at the 1st bi-annual safety seminar in 2011.  The seminar is organised by the Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs in co-operation with the Federation of European Union Fire Officer Associations and the Nordic Fire Officer Association.  The seminar is aimed at safety officials and professionals working in the field of protecting vulnerable children and adults.

This year’s seminar promises to be all the more successful, with international experts discussing topics including social exclusion, the marginalisation of children and internal security.  With delegates attending from Germany, Belgium, UK and Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Nigeria and Kenya, the seminar is an outstanding opportunity for networking between officials and experts from different countries.

If you would like fabtic to present at a conference you are organising, please email info@fabtic.co.uk