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Specialising in juvenile firesetting behaviour, fabtic delivers training, supervision, consultancy and direct client work to agencies and professionals working with at-risk and offending children. fabtic also offers tailor-made services directly to families with concerns for their children setting fires.

fabtic is run by Joanna Foster, a published criminologist and author of ‘Children and Teenagers who Set Fires: Why they do it and how to help’, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.  Joanna has over sixteen years’ experience in working directly with children and young people with firesetting behaviour.  Joanna uses first-hand knowledge and evidence-based practice to ensure service delivery and care of the highest quality and integrity to professionals and families alike.

Whether you are a professional required to improve your skills, a senior manager wishing to review the services your organisation currently offers or a concerned parent looking for an experienced practitioner to address your child’s firesetting behaviour, fabtic will provide the services you need.

In addition to delivering in-house bespoke training to individual agencies, fabtic hosts open courses across the UK throughout the year and regularly hosts national conferences.

fabtic’s next conference will be on Monday 27 April 2020 in central London. Entitled, ‘Working with Children that Hurt’ guest speakers will discuss childhood trauma, the impact of family imprisonment on children, the effect of racism on the resilience and identity of young black people, and creative ways of working with children and teenagers who set fires. 

To register an interest in attending the conference or for more information about fabtic’s work please contact info@fabtic.co.uk or call (020) 7249 0652.

Follow Joanna and her work on Twitter @fabtic_ltd